Aparaa is a global information technology company headquartered in United States. We partner with industry vertical customers to license our products, offer custom solutions for specific customer needs,  and provide professional services.

Enterprises today, prefer focusing on their core business processes and acquire the ready-to-implement products, outsource the supporting processes to external experts, and encourage the partners to implement business solutions for their specific need. This model increases the flexibility of an enterprise to deal with the change. Thus, enterprises are becoming global value networks rather than monolithic entities. This model helps organizations stay connected with the extended partner ecosystem.

Aparaa offers Solutions, Products, and Services with innovative practices that enable business process improvement and quick return on investment. Aparaa uses well-documented and meticulously defined processes in tandem with high quality service delivery methodologies. These Processes are driven by the goals of clients while maintaining high quality standards and follow strict adherence to delivery schedules.

The Aparaa professional teams have the knowledge and expertise to implement and integrate enterprise solutions that will maximize your company's performance as well as the returns on technology investment. Our qualified team together with our implementation methodologies and distinctive toolset keep costs down and delivery on time for any implementation. 

Aparaa's solutions provide support over the full life-cycle of your application - strategy, selection, planning, implementation, integration, and support.