Mar 2012 - iplayat Launch

Iplayat is the Aparaa’s Product which has been launched by keeping the people in mind who is indeed to search for the place where they need to play their favorite sports in their localities or during their travel. The Marketing team in Aparaa is working with the various facilities providers to get associated with Iplayat ( so that the people who are in search can avail all the facilities with just a few clicks.

Jan 2012 - Trackedin Android App Launch

Aparaa launched its Android Applicaiton for Trackedin.  Android version of Trackedin is on par with the latest mobile technology. 

Dec 2011 - Trackedin Launch

Aparaa has launched the trackedin ( – online service to organize the contacts. Trackedin helps the people to get along with the digitalized world to get rid of old fashioned way of carrying the business cards when you travel most. It also helps the people to organize the cards through online and user can get the information of the contacts through online anywhere around the world.  The dedicated marketing team in Aparaa has putting their efforts to make it reach to the people around the globe.

Oct 2011 - ISO 9001:2008 Certfified

Aparaa awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification

Jun 2011 - DABS ERP Implementation

EBreshna at DABS - Utility specific ERP for Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (The Afghanistan Electric Company) is implemented. Successfully converted all the 250,000+ customer base with all the previous meter readings, billing, collections, etc. The billing for the first cycle in the new system ran in about 45 minutes and billed about USD 13M for about 50,000 customers for specific routes.