Trackedin is a service which one can use to organize contact information and retrieve in a timely manner when needed the most. 

Organizing the information depends mainly on two factors, the nature of your business and the way you process the information. With so many different kinds of businesses, the way you organize your contacts will probably be unique. Whatever process you follow, the most important factors in organizing the data should be in

  • Consistent the way you organize
  • Easy and timely access to the relevant information

Each time you come back from a meeting, conference, trade show or business trip, the first item on your agenda is to organize the new contact information you just have gathered. Your starting point is all those new cards you have brought back with you.

To organize the new information you generally do these three things. Prioritize, organize and follow up on your contacts.

This Process requires extensive work and it has to be repeated manually each time. Even if you follow the process, still it will be difficult to record and maintain the each activity or conversation or meeting. Access to the complete activity of the specific contact helps for a fruitful discussion for the next meeting be it a client meet or social meet or domestic service vendor.


  • Organize and manage your contacts
  • Realtime access
  • Custom scanning process


  • Access your business card information from anywhere and anytime
  • Access through Smart Phones and Android phones
  • Online storage and realtime backup
  • Retail Trackedin Users - B2C
  • SME specific business features - B2B 
  • Buy & Sell partner programs  - B2B2C
  • Multiple payment option through online